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FY 2017


Yuma Arai
"Voltage multiplication using a double-flux-quantum amplifier"
Kazuhiko Matumoto
"Single-electron charging effects in arrays of nanoparticles fabricated in resist grooves"


Yasutaka Tomioka
"Equivalent circuit models for free-standing lipid bilayer"
Tomoki Yagai
"Single-electron devices fabricated using arrays of gold nanoparticles on silane-modified substrates"
Kouki Yamazaki
"Single-Flux-Quantum PFM D/A converter integrated with code generator"

FY 2016


Tran Thi Thu Huong
``Enhanced nonlinear electric properties and applications based on the Coulomb blockade phenomena in arrays of small tunnel junctions''


Shogo Takashima
``Correlation between electric properties and lifespans of lipid bilayer''
Komei Higuchi
``Dynamics of flux quanta in stacked 3-junction superconducting loops''
Makoto Moribayashi
``Electrical properties of random arrays of Au nanoparticles''

FY 2015


Kazunao Sawada
``Sequential SFQ read-only-memory''
Tomoki Watanabe
``Bipolar SFQ digital-to-analog converter''


Syunsuke Fujioka
``Electrical properties of lipid bilayers''
Kazuhiko Matumoto
``Single-electron charging effects in arrays of Au nanoparticles''
Yuma Arai
``Improvements of SFQ variable pulse number multiplier''

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